Photography Video 10 Ft Heavy Duty Backdrop Support System
Name:Photography Video 10 Ft Heavy Duty Backdrop Support System
Size8ft 10ft

Product Description



A full sized, heavy duty backdrop support system, this stand will go just about anywhere. Designed to hold our largest muslins, as well as being rated for paper and canvas backdrops, these spring cushioned stands are sure to give you all the security you need. This Backdrop Support System is lightweight, heavy-duty and extensible for almost any application. Our support system is constructed from lightweight aluminum, yet is one of the most heavy duty background support systems available.



4 Cross Bars extends to 10 ft Wide

Supporting Stands extend up to 8 Ft Height

Footprint is 2’ 4" to provide extra stability

Heavy duty aluminum alloy construction

Supporting Stands

Hold Muslin, Canvas Or Paper, Holds Up To 20 Lbs

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