NEW Light Stand & Boom Arm Sandbag with 7 stand Kit
Name:NEW Light Stand & Boom Arm Sandbag with 7 stand Kit
Height of light stand7'

Product Description

This basic boom is ideal for portrait, commercial and industrial assignments where strength and portability is required. Strong enough to support umbrella lighting, barn doors, grids or light box accessories. Assembly includes a two-section, 5.5' arm, adjustable stand mount ,heavy duty sandbag and a 7' light stand.

Boom arm:

Made from aluminum alloy with a professional black satin finish
Uses quick release levers, allowing full and smooth height adjustments
Folds up quickly and easily
Length of Boom Arm: 2.7' to 5.5' at full extension.
Maxium Load 6 lbs.

7' stand:
Height is adjustable from 29 inches to 7 Ft
1/4"" screw tip on the 5/8" stem
Made from aluminum alloy professional black satin finish
Maxium Load: 6 lbs
Folds up quickly and easily
1 year warranty
Package includes:
1, One piece of 7' light stand
2, One 5.5' Boom arm with sandbag and clamp
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